So much of this week has been dreary! If I’m being totally honest, though, I have to admit I loved that it rained all day Monday. We had the day off of work for Indigenous Peoples’ Day and it was the perfect mood for a cozy blanket, hot cup of coffee, and Hulu binge. I loved every minute. And just as the weather cleared up, Peloton announced their latest themed run/ride: HAMILTON!!! I took the ride last night (live) and can’t wait to take the run on demand.

With the closest coffee shop still closed due to the pandemic, I’ve been getting myself extra acquainted with another neighborhood spot. It’s only about 2 blocks further and serves up some great coffee and pastries. I’ve been working my way through their doughnut and biscuit menu which is seasonal and half price in the late afternoon.

What a world we live in that we now attend weddings virtually. I was, obviously, very upset about not being able to attend Danielle’s wedding in person but so happy I could join for the live broadcast. She looked absolutely stunning and I am so happy for her and Bryan.

It’s Acamp time! Our company’s annual retreat is a favorite event. It’s a glamping experience in Europe that I’m so happy I was able to attend last year. This year, the pandemic thwarted plans, but the company has made the most of it with Acamp at Home. We still get merch, a cooking experience, team bonding, drunken trivia night, and tons of fun/funny presentations. I have a feeling none of us will get quite as rip roaring drunk (and subsequently hungover for presentations) as years past, but glasses will certainly be raised. If we can’t get the real deal, we’re lucky to have such a great substitute.