Cheeseburger Tacos with Dill Pickle Slaw

Developing a cheeseburger taco recipe has been on my mind for a while now, probably ever since seeing Alex Stupak’s recipe 5 years ago. I wasn’t overly inspired with what I was coming up with until I found this super simple recipe for dill pickle slaw. Before this slaw, this just felt like ground up burgers in a tortilla. Fine, but nothing special. This slaw – and an updated special sauce – make this taco something truly unique. I’m no chef Stupak and Chez Neudeck is no Empellón, but I worked up a recipe that I think is pretty fab.

Before and after mixing up the slaw

Start by sautéing one diced onion in olive oil until translucent. (I like Vidalia onions because, Georgia, but white or yellow works too.) Add 1 lb of ground beef (I used 80/20) and salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Worcestershire. Once it’s browned, drain it and clean that pan – you’ve completed all the hard work for the evening. While the onion/ground beef cooks, you’ll have had more than enough time to prep all your fixins. First, make the dill pickle slaw by tossing cole slaw mix with mayo, minced dill pickles, a bit of the pickle juice, dill, and salt/pepper. Refer to the recipe if you wish (linked in the first paragraph), but I just eyeballed it. Now make your “special sauce.” This is just ketchup, mayo, and white vinegar mixed together. There are plenty of versions (some with relish, others with garlic, many with a pinch of sugar), but this version needs none of that because it gets so much great flavor from the particular ketchup I used: Trader Joe’s tomato ketchup with black summer truffle. That’s obviously not the easiest product to find (even if you do have a TJ’s, it’s a seasonal product that launched last summer), but I’m betting you can doctor up some regular ketchup with truffle oil, salt, ground cloves, onion powder, ginger powder, and white wine vinegar. shredded cheese. Serve with shredded cheese and tortillas.

This recipe brings together all the best parts of a cheeseburger, right down to the pickle. When it comes to funky American flavor tacos, I think this recipe may have taken the top spot from my Philly Cheesesteak Tacos. Also…my sweet beau reminded me that I had, in fact, made cheeseburger tacos before. How could I have forgotten?! That version was actually very very tasty, but these have usurped the throne. If you’re into pickles, this slaw is so so good. It totally works on it’s own if you need a super last minute item to bring to a potluck so bookmark this even if you’re not planning to make the tacos (but seriously, make the tacos). I twisted up this already twisted Taco Tuesday and I’m loving the result. Let’s go crazy, y’all.