Homemade Flatbread Chicken Gyros

Way back in the day, at sleepaway camp, I used to make flatbread from scratch, cooked over a fire, as part of our Israeli Culture activity. I don’t know why I hadn’t made it since, but if a pack of 10-year-olds could make it, you know it’s incredibly simple. And tasty. It’s better than at least half the grocery store versions out there. And when you top it with some chicken gyro meat it becomes a fabulous meal.

You need just 3 ingredients for the flatbread: self rising flour, water or milk, and baking powder. For every cup of self rising flour, use 1/2 c. of liquid and 1 tbsp of baking powder. Mix by hand and form into rustic circles. Put in a pan with no oil over medium heat and cook for a minute or two per side, flipping as you see fit. THAT’S IT. One cup of flour will yield 4 small flatbreads (so you can eat open-faced, like I did) or 2 large wrap-worthy flatbreads.

Now for the full meal.

First prep your chicken by slicing boneless skinless chicken breasts, the thinner the better. Coat with smoked paprika, cumin, oregano, and salt. Cook in olive oil and set aside – should only take about 6 minutes. Meanwhile, mash a can of chickpeas with parsley, salt, and pepper. You need to mash it so it adheres to the flatbread but also because the variance in size/shape of the chickpeas makes for something really great. Set aside. Finally, make some tzaziki by combining Greek yogurt, feta, crushed red pepper, lemon pepper, dill, and salt. To assemble, top your flatbread with the chickpea mash, the chicken, and the tzaziki. Sprinkle some crunchy veg on top (I went with shredded carrot – cabbage or cucumber would also work; use whatever you’ve got) and drizzle with hot sauce.

This recipe is super adaptable based on whatever you’ve got in the house – chicken…pork…fish…tofu…halumi. What you’re seeing is my take on a recipe from Theo Michaels – a truly incredible chef who has cooked for our company retreat for the last three years. I changed up some of the seasoning, added some vegetables, used some hot sauce…just kinda made it my own. FYI: I highly recommend his cookbook, Orexi, if you want more Greek goodness.