The Noodle

The Handpulled Noodle has received tons of great reviews and lucky me it’s in Harlem! …except maybe not because it’s on the complete opposite end of Harlem and I’m not even in their delivery zone. That’s why I was so excited to learn they were opening a sister restaurant (called simply “The Noodle“) very close to me. Noodles for Tessy!

I decided to try both a noodle soup and dumplings. I had to get both because I was going with glass noodles in the soup which meant I’d be getting noods that weren’t made in-house. That meant I needed something from the in-house portion of their menu and dumplings were it. I went with the beef and chive and they were perfect. The wonton wasn’t too thick/gummy, the filling was ample and flavorful, and the sauce was the perfect balance of salty and tangy. For my noodles I got the cumin lamb soup and chose medium spicy level (it wasn’t too spicy). You can choose your noodles and I went with the thin glass kind because it’s just what I was feelin and they were great. This was a truly delicious soup with amazing broth and tons of mix-ins. This is not a situation where sipping liquid and swirling your chopsticks around trying to nab a bit of floating meat. In fact, portions across the board are on the up and up. I enjoyed my noods enough that it will be hard to order anything different; but don’t worry, I intend to work my way through the menu.

This was a rainy day dream. I ate it on the couch, wearing sweatpants, and watching Netflix. Sighhhh.