What a dreary week it’s been! It’s been overcast almost the entire week and it’s been hard not to let it impact my mood. The weather certainly made me sad earlier this week, but halfway through I just decided to lean into it. I wore sweats, ate caramel apple granola, and looked at artsy things from the underneath a blanket.

They’ve begun bringing the plants in from our courtyard. I’m not loving this reminder that cooler temps are on the way.

Early in quarantine, I bought a cheap sweatshirt with the intention of completing a DIY project. I was going to cut it and iron on some patches, but one of the patches was backordered and by the time it arrived, it was way too hot to consider wearing a sweatshirt. Now that it’s cooled down a bit, I remembered my plan and enjoyed a fun crafty afternoon this weekend. I’m also loving my “new” cropped and personalized sweatshirt, which, when combined with the biker shorts I also bought, became a very cute and trendy lil outfit for $20.

I’ve been following the @accidentallywesanderson account since it started in 2017. I’ve always enjoyed the very distinct aesthetic of Wes Anderson’s films and love how this couple has learned how to uncover that same look and feel along their travels. When they announced they were releasing a coffee table book, I immediately put it on my Christmas list (yes, an actual list I keep in the notes app on my phone of things I will buy myself for the the holidays if nobody buys them for me). But then they announced a week-long pop-up in the West Village to celebrate the book’s release and I knew I had plans for Saturday. The pop-up itself was tiny (in fact, I still can’t understand why the line took so long since I breezed through in under 2 minutes) but it was fun to feel like I was living inside a Wes Anderson movie set. Most importantly, I snagged a signed copy of the book so I don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy! PS – last week, Domino published this article about using these photographs as color palette inspo when decorating and I LOVE that idea. For the last few years I’ve toyed with the idea of building a [future] living room around a Slim Aarons print so I’m very into the concept.