El Barrista

Super Nice is one of my favorite [very] local coffee spots, but it’s basically just a window so it’s not someplace I can chill with a book. Luckily, I recently discovered El Barrista, which is only one avenue further but offers some lovely seating.

The coffee is good and comes in at about $0.50 – $1.00 cheaper than most coffee shops.

I wasn’t hungry enough for a pastry or sandwich but will have to return when I’m ready to fill my stomach because the food looked good. I’ve noticed

While the pandemic is preventing us from doing a ton of leisurely hanging around, the industrial vibes of this coffee house are inviting if you’re looking for a new setting an ok being indoors. They’re keeping capacity low, but not everyone is cool with the indoor hang – I get it. If outdoors is more your thing (it’s certainly mine), they’ve got a nice lil setup with umbrellas. El Barrista is getting ready to hit the 1 year mark of being in business – happy birthday – I wish I discovered you sooner!