November is here. I kinda can’t believe it. Thankfully, this week isn’t as dreadfully rainy as last week was. And now that we’ve moved the clocks back, it’s not pitch black when I wake up anymore, which makes it a bit easier to motivate myself for the gym. Beyond that, I’m pretty much only thinking about Thanksgiving, which is just 3 short weeks away. This week is strange, though. The election was two days ago and I’m feeling all sorts of ways about it. Here’s what’s swimming around in my head at the moment:

Because we live right at the border of Spanish Harlem, we made a point to take advantage of the Dia de los Muertos celebrations on Sunday. Since Halloween was extra subdued this year, it was nice to still have something to celebrate. We decided to do a little restaurant hop to get our taco fix and check out the ofrendas. Unfortunately, our adventure was cut short by the rain, but we still managed to get in a few stops and fill our bellies. I’m glad we were smart enough to make hitting up our favorite spot and a new spot the priorities before getting rained out.

My Mom sent me a great “just because” gift recently (two very cute pairs of earrings) and her packaging gave me a nice little giggle.

The election was on Tuesday and I’m so happy my company recognized the importance of having access to the polls by closing our US offices for the day. Not only was I proud to do my civic duty, I was proud of my husband as I watched him vote in NYC for the first time. Election night was stressful. I started with a very healthy supper, giving myself a pat on the back for being so good. But as the votes started rolling in, I cracked a bottle of wine, drank nearly half, then moved onto a massive bag of Tostitos (the new hint of spicy queso flavor is fire), and finally I ransacked the leftover Halloween candy. To me, it seems pretty clear that there is a good guy and a bad guy in this scenario. It’s like an old school Disney movie where it’s just so obvious who the nefarious one is. It shouldn’t be a close race. And yet…