Where were you when you found out Biden won the election? Much like “where were you when Kennedy was shot?” I feel like that’s the question we’ll be asking each other for years to come. My answer is one for another day, but it’s a funny one. This election was huge. There was so much riding on the outcome and tensions were at an all-time high, suspended that way for four and a half days while we awaited the results. People weren’t happy 4 years ago when Trump won, but it felt bigger this time. Before, you could maybe possibly hope he would lead with some sense once he assumed the role. This time, we have proof of just how detrimental it can be to have someone like that in power. 4 years ago, the prevailing feeling was one of defeat. This time, if he had won, the feeling would have been dread. And fear. I could not be happier the votes landed as they did. Make no mistake: there is much work to be done, but at least I now have hope. BUT THERE’S MORE. It was 10:12 am on Monday that I found out our offices would be closed on Wednesday (yesterday) for Veterans’ Day. After a full week of intense stress and emotion, getting that bit of news on top of the election results was incredible. Oh and the weather has been absolutely lovely all weekend/week. Walk-around-without-a-jacket kind of lovely.

We’ve got record warm temps for November and you won’t hear a complaint from me. It meant I was able to enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon picnicking in the park with friends. My friend Rachel is in town from LA and I’m so happy it was nice enough for us to congregate safely outside. Several of us have immunocompromised family members to worry about so if it had been too cold to meet like this, the pandemic would have prevented our hang.

Our office observed Veterans Day so we were off yesterday and I took full advantage. I made a plan to run an errand, hit up Trader Joe’s, and explore the new outpost of The Strand…and I decided to walk there. All in all, it was about 4.5 miles but it was the most beautiful 4.5 miles through Central Park. The leaves were falling, the kids were playing, and I felt like I was living in a movie. It was a truly perfect fall day.

I made a point to get out the door early yesterday since there was rain in the forecast. Sure enough, it was pouring by 3 pm so I spent the rest of the afternoon curled up on the couch. It was the kind of afternoon you always want on a day off: comfy clothes, a candle, fresh flowers, great new Netflix shows, and a good book – all with the sounds of rain just outside the window. It’s the kind of day I always want but feel guilty about when I “should” be taking advantage of the city on a day off work. That’s why it was truly a perfect day. I got the best of both worlds: a great walk around the city AND a cozy afternoon on the couch.