Kielbasa with Mustard Dip

My husband is Czechoslovakian so Christmas has a distinct Eastern European vibe. I now always associate kielbasa with the holiday because my Mother in Law always sets it out, along with mustard and and cubes of cheese. It’s a snack I’ve really started to look forward to. It’s also one I know my beau loves because it’s the one bit of meat he sees on Xmas Eve, which is traditionally carbs-only. But when I saw an Instagrammer prepare this app, I knew it was time for kielbasa to get some non-Xmas love. It comes from one of Ina Garten’s cookbooks and we all know that woman can entertain so I promise she won’t steer you wrong with this recipe.

It’s super simple. Slice kielbasa and sauté in a pan til it’s browned. The dipping sauce just takes a moment to make so you can do it while the sausage is browning. Simply combine mayo, dijon mustard, grainy mustard, and horseradish. (And salt and pepper.) You can eyeball it, but aim for a 2:1:1 ratio of dijon to whole grain mustard to horseradish. That’s it.

This is very similar to the kielbasa and mustard you’re used to, but just slightly leveled up. Also, the dip works really well with seafood, as I learned when I served it with some bacon-wrapped scallops. It would be great with shrimp. Bottom line, my beau said it was “as good – maybe better” than eating kielbasa at his Mom’s place. That’s all the praise I need.