Salsa Salmon Bowls

For a recent Bowl Thursday I wanted to take advantage of my Taco Tuesday ingredients with enough updates that it felt fresh just two days later. The biggest change was the protein. On Tuesday we had ground turkey; on Thursday it was salmon. That plus a change to the base (from tortillas to rice) makes for a totally different vibe.

Started by making some quick-cooking farro and, at the same time, sticking 1 lb of salmon in a 400 oven. About 20 minutes later, everything will be done. The salmon prep is extra easy: just pour some of your favorite salsa (I used a Trader Joe’s garlic chipotle salsa, but truly any jarred stuff will work well) over the top along with some salt. Easyyyyy. For the other fixins, I used sour cream, sliced avocado, sliced radishes, some warmed black beans and corn, leftover sautéed veggies (I had mushrooms and onions on hand), cilantro, crumbled queso fresco, and hot sauce. Basically, whatever you’d put on a taco bar.

Maybe it’s because I was using salmon instead of chicken or beef, but this didn’t just feel like a run of the mill taco bowl. Even though the ingredients may have been taco night standards, the overall bowl tasted totally new. Still, it’s just as simple to throw together as a taco bar, is a bit healthier, and was fully devoured in our house. No leftovers.