So we’re at the point of the month/season where I am about to jump out of my skin because I’m so ready for Thanksgiving and can’t wait to be home. Less than a week to go! Now I just have to try and stay focused on work…as if that’s possible?!

Last week I was on the phone with my Mom when I heard the beginnings of a crash. I looked up to see that one of the 4 brackets on one of the shelves in my breakfront had broken and the items were perilously close to tipping over. A few plates fell but miraculously nothing broke. We worked quickly and carefully remove everything while we repaired the shelf. I still can’t believe we saved it all. Nowadays, most people don’t care about china, crystal, or formal entertaining, but I’m a traditionalist so I registered for full sets of crystal when I got married and would have cried if it all broke. (The expense! The cleanup!) In addition to feeling very lucky to having everything in tact, I’m happy this gave me the opportunity to rearrange things a bit. Before, it looked more haphazzard and cluttered in there, but I’m liking the current setup. Still don’t love the bottom shelf (which is why I cropped it out of the pic) but I’m inspired to update it as well.

I’ve been on quite a reading kick lately! I’m always always making my way through a book, but lately I haven’t been able to put them down. I just read through 2 books in 3 days last week!

Last week I decided it was time to bring back my lunchbox. I stopped using it when I was WFH (obviously), but I’ve gained a bit of weight during the pandemic and wasn’t able to figure out why. I’m working out more and eating healthy…what’s the problem? Then it dawned on me: I’m eating healthy, but I’m eating a LOT of it. Portion control has always been an issue for me and when I’m eating every lunch at home without my lunchbox to provide portion guidelines, I’ve been loading up my plate. Healthy or not, I was just eating too much. At least I think that’s it…it’s the only thing I can really point to that’s changed. So I’m back to using my lunchbox on weekdays and hopefully I’ll see a change. It’s week two and I’m still going strong!