Gratitude 2020

Everyone knows this year has been a strange one, full of stress, loneliness, and upheaval. It’s for those reasons, specifically, that it’s so important to remind myself of all the reasons I have to be grateful. It’s true there is a lot to be sad about in 2020, but I want to make sure to celebrate all the positives of the year.

My how things have changed since my 2019 Gratitude list!
  • I have my health. So does my family. This is never something to take for granted, but I’m hyper-aware of how lucky we are when seeing so many suffer or die from COVID and others dying at the hands of police.
  • Cheese plates. I pride myself on my ability to put together an epic meat and cheese plate and think that I’ve gotten even better this year. (And, yes, I recognize this was on my list last year.) Fitting since it’s my favorite thing to eat – honestly, cheese plates would make the Gratitude list even if I wasn’t the one making them. Thank you, deeply, for cheese boards.
  • I managed to travel home. Though the pandemic meant I went [much much] longer than I ever have without seeing my family (I normally see them about every 6 weeks and went 8 months), I’m so happy I was able to finally plan a trip.
  • I don’t have to deal with icky stuff. We had a mouse in our house this year. I know I know, this is standard in NYC, no matter how nice your building…but I still don’t want to have to deal with it. I’m so so grateful my wonderful husband trapped and took care of our little problem.
  • We’ve been taking quarantining/health precautions pretty seriously Chez Neudeck, and I’m thankful we haven’t killed each other yet. We are two people who are typically very social with busy work travel schedules so this much time together – even if it hadn’t been in close quarters – had the potential to upend our relationship. I’d even say that working from home has actually made some aspects of our marriage better. I also love that we’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to get creative with at-home date nights or mini adventures in a rented car.
  • I was able to get into a groove with WFH life. I always found it difficult to be productive on the random days of working from home, but now that it’s become the norm I’ve fully adapted. Also, I happen to have had a lot of random doctors appointments this year and working from home has afforded me the opportunity to easily get to them in the middle of the day between meetings. In a “normal” world, I’d have to answer way too many questions and deal with people thinking I was interviewing for another job.
  • Booze delivery services. While ordering drinks to my home means IRL bars are having an incredibly difficult time, I love supporting brands like Bad & Boozy. It elevates my at-home drinking game so it feels more like an experience. If I can’t have a night out, I like that an evening in can still feel like a party (and less like a sad drinking alone situation).
  • My personal barista. Since being married, AONIV has brought me a coffee from a local coffee shop most Saturday or Sunday mornings. It’s the nicest gesture and one I look forward to all week. Weekday coffee, however, is not for splurging, which means it’s my trusty French press Monday through Friday. While I am happy to make the coffee, my beau has taken on the role most mornings the last few months and prepares my cup just the way I like it, bringing it right to my desk. It’s such a treat! Also, I’m grateful I’ve turned my husband into a real coffee drinker. He used to be all about caramel macchiwhatsie frappawhosies. You know, the fancy sweet drinks. But now he drinks plain old coffee. This might be my proudest accomplishment of 2020 (though I know he’d never give me credit and will insist he’s been a coffee drinker for years).
  • I found a great and affordable cleaning service. This is life-changing.