Gratitude 2021

If you said to me last year that I’d be spending another Thanksgiving in NYC, I would have said you were crazy. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I absolutely love spending it home in Savannah. I think I told my beau on date #3 that I would always – always – be in Savannah for Thanksgiving, regardless of where I’m living at the time. Last year, the pandemic put the kibosh on travel and we made the best of it, but I said that would be the one and only time…til this year when a combination of the pandemic and being pregnant made traveling to Savannah impossible. At least last year I could ease my pain by recreating traditions like Wine Night, but now this preggo has to stay sober. Bottom line, it’s not ideal BUT there is still soooo much to be grateful for.

Check out my 2020 Gratitude list for last year’s pandemic thankfulness.
  • I’m pregnant! It was a very long and painful road to get here so I am extremely thankful that we’re about to meet our bambino.
  • The Trader Joe’s floral selection. The flowers at TJ’s are incredibly well priced so I can get several bunches in a specific color palette and build something that looks much better than a pre-mixed bouquet – for less money.
  • We got a storage unit. The storage units in our building are highly coveted and we finally made it off the wait list. This is huge and – as crazy as it sounds – can be the difference in whether we raise kids in the city or not.
  • Candles. I always love when I’ve got a candle burning but often forget to light them. I’ve gotten better about it this last year and it’s been a real mood changer.
  • The vax! While COVID still feels far from over, the vaccine was a game changer that opened our world up a bit. I’m extraordinarily frustrated by people who aren’t getting vaccinated and more so by those who are equating mandates to the Holocaust; however, I’m so happy that everyone I associate with has gotten jabbed. And now that it’s been expanded to children, things are just getting better. It’s a major comfort as I bring a fresh kid into the world.
  • TikTok. I don’t allow myself to go on the app all that often since it’s a vortex and I’ll look up and realize I’ve been sucked in for an hour and a half. That said, when I need a good distraction or pick-me-up, these funny videos are great.
  • Central Park Conservatory Gardens/Harlem Meer: Central Park has always been a calming and special place, but it wasn’t until we moved up to Harlem that I discovered the Conservatory Gardens and Harlem Meer. These two areas at the top of the park have provided the perfect backdrop for walks. More than ever before, Central Park is a wonderful escape and respite.
  • Family That Makes Time: I am extraordinarily lucky to have a family I actually like but even luckier to have that family make time for each other. Whether it’s my family flying up to NYC for a visit or always being available for a phone call, I can feel the love.