Best Dishes of 2020

My favorite meals of the year

The list of top dishes is shorter this year since there was very little eating out and I didn’t want to populate it entirely with things I cooked myself. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t some truly standout meals in 2020!

  • Omakase
    • Where I Ate It: Sushi by M
    • What It Cost: $127 for the most expensive menu + two luxe add-ons (BUT you can still get a very filling and amazing omakase here for as low as $50).
    • Why It’s So Freakin’ Delicious: The fish was served up in simple but unique ways. Just enough flaked salt or yuzu to bring out the flavor, for instance. There was also plenty of uni in this meal. And those extras you see all over Insta, like the Big Mac? Totally worth it. It’s a great meal no matter what, but I may have to say that, for the price point, this is the best omakase I’ve ever had.
  • Pizza
    • Where I Ate It: Mama’s Too
    • What It Cost: About $4.50/slice – and each slice is very filling
    • Why It’s So Freakin’ Delicious: I’ve deemed this Detroit-style pizza a Top 3 pizza in NYC. The sides get perfectly crispy and the cheese reaches every centimeter. It works out that every bite is a perfect bite – and that never happens with pizza. The flavor combos are great, use quality ingredients, and never feel formulaic.
  • Fresh Pasta
    • Where I Ate It: My house
    • What It Cost: $2 maybe?
    • Why It’s So Freakin’ Delicious: There’s nothing like fresh pasta and I finally decided to make it for myself. The fact that you can have an incredible and authentic Italian meal with little effort and little money blows my mind.
Not a photo of the potato salad, but a pic I took while I was home when I ate it…which is as close as I’m gonna get
  • Potato Salad
    • Where I Ate It: Choo Choo BBQ
    • What It Cost: $2.50 for a side; $6 for a pint; $10 for a quart
    • Why It’s So Freakin’ Delicious: I’m pretty sure the answer to this is bacon. But besides that, it’s perfectly dressed.
  • Miso Butter Popcorn
    • Where I Ate It: At home
    • What It Cost: Popcorn kernels and white miso paste can be bought in bulk for $15 and will last you all year
    • Why It’s So Freakin’ Delicious: This popcorn topper was the surprise winner of our taste test. It’s got all the umami and is easy to whip up for a snack. Miso was probably the biggest surprise and winner of my quarantine season. I’m using it in everything and it’s really leveled up my cooking.