Popcorn Party

We can’t be the only household doing movie nights on the reg, right? Lately, most Friday nights have been devoted to movies – and popcorn is usually involved. I’ve become a popcorn pro and have perfected my seasoning mix. Recently, though, I decided to change it up to try some new flavors. We queued up Sofia Coppola’s new flick, On The Rocks, and I made one big batch of popcorn (I use this popper) that I divided amongst 3 bowls. Each seasoning starts with butter as the base – as all good things do. (And h/t to TJ’s because two of their spice blends really made this lil party possible.)

The Results

We pretty much circled the globe with these three variations. New York to Mexico to Japan…and we didn’t have to leave the couch.

The Tessypie Signature


Miso Butter

Each seasoning starts with butter as the base – as all good things do.

This was a great way to upgrade our movie night, and I loved being able to try some new flavor combos, details of which are as follows:

  1. Tessypie Signature: Melted Butter + Everything Bagel Seasoning + Grated Parmesan
  2. Elote: Melted Butter + Trader Joe’s Everything But The Elote Seasoning + Salt
  3. Miso: White Miso Paste + Softened Butter, melted (NOTE: The trick here is to soften the butter a little bit first and then combine it thoroughly with the miso…then melt it all in the microwave. It’s an extra step that takes all of one minute but makes a world of difference when it comes to making a smooth butter.)

Wondering what the favorite was? Well the Tessypie Signature is always beloved around here and that didn’t change, but we both went nuts over the miso butter version. I anticipated this would be my beau’s least favorite, but he was a big fan. Looks like miso butter popcorn has made its way into official movie night rotation.

PS – If you’re a Sofia Coppola fan, you’ll enjoy the movie. It’s a new approach to the father/daughter relationship, speckled with dry humor.