Buffalo Chicken Tacos

On a recent Sunday, we had wings while watching football but I wasn’t super hungry at the time so I only had two or three. It did NOT satisfy my buff chick craving so two days later I decided carry that theme into Taco Tuesday with some buffalo chicken tacos. Side note: fulfilling a food craving and immediately follow that up with the return of This Is Us is the stuff dreams are made of.

Start by making a blue cheese slaw. For this, you’ll simply mix cole slaw or broccoli slaw mix with blue cheese crumbles (to taste), equal parts white vinegar and sugar, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Set aside. Warm some frozen corn (bonus points if you get the fire roasted kind) in a skillet and set aside. Use that same pan to sauté boneless skinless chicken breast (that you’ve cut into bite size pieces) in buffalo sauce. Since the pieces are small, it will only take a few minutes. Serve with shredded cheese and avocado.

These tacos are simple to throw together and have all the texture layers you’re looking for. The sweetness of the corn works well with the spice of the chicken, and the blue cheese gives it that nice tang to round it all out.

HOT TIP: There were very few leftovers but I tossed together slaw mix, corn, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese for a GREAT next day dish. I served it with cucumbers and hollowed our bell peppers. It was a great side salad.