Last week was the first full week of work and it was a doozy. I’m feeling much more comfortable with the 5-day work week now. My routines are back in business! No plans for this weekend so I’m thinking it’s time to start a puzzle because I’m wild like that.

We have a neighborhood restaurant that’s done a great job with their outdoor dining. Their back patio area has tables nicely spaced out, heat lamps, and single-use blankets on hand. It’s also a fave spot in the area because the food and cocktails are great. It had been way too long since we’d seen Shawn and Kathleen and with the precautions the restaurant was taking + their negative Covid tests, we felt comfortable seeing them for a brunch excursion. It was good for the soul. And how cute are me and Grace in our [unintentionally] matching teddy coats?! Just a couple gals enjoying bottomless brunch!

I drink hot tea now. What? Who am I? I still require and love my coffee in the morning, but lately I’ve been enjoying cozying up with a mug of hot tea with honey. It’s also helping me with my hydration goals. Every year “drink more water” is on my New Years Resolutions list and every year I fail. Maybe hot tea is my answer? I’m getting real Grandmillennial vibes from this scene.

I tried the TikTok tortilla trend and this wrap hack is pretty incredible. How it took us this long, as a collective society, to figure this out is beyond me. Watch the videos online and be amazed.