This past weekend has given me a taste of what the immediate future will look like. It was cold so outdoor dining felt out of the question. There were no major events happening for us to build a weekend around so it was really all about making something out of nothing. It became very clear to me that I’ll need to create celebrations and “events” in these cold winter months to keep myself sane. I filled up the time with a planned treadmill run (taken virtually with friends so it felt special), some puzzling, and a good book. My beau went to Astoria to pick up an iconic sandwich so lunch on Sunday wouldn’t feel so dull. I have a feeling we’ll really need to get creative to keep our wits about us, but I think we’re up to the challenge.

My Mom’s 65th birthday was on Friday so the immediate family got together over Zoom. We all ate cake in our own homes and toasted to a milestone bday. It was not at all the celebration I would have liked to have had, but I’m so happy we all got together to mark the occasion.

I received such a wonderful gift in the mail! One of my best friends sent me this amazing mug with my favorite Real Housewives quote plastered across the side. I’m in love.

I discovered a new game on my phone called SpellTower. It’s basically Boggle + Tetris. I’m having so much fun trying to beat my own score.