Tiki Chick

This bar may have been open for a year now, but it’s rare I find myself in the UWS…rarer still during a pandemic. But when we discovered a stellar outdoor dining sitch at Jacob’s Pickles, we snagged ourselves a 6:45 reservation. We arrived early and decided to grab a drink next door at new-to-us Tiki Chick.

What does it look like? Well, it’s got all the tiki decor you hoped for. There’s raffia, all sorts, of Hawaiian kitsch, and some fun-loving skeletons in the window. It’s run by the same people as Jacob’s Pickles (who also own Maison Pickle and Lucky Pickle) so they know how to run a themed restaurant. I like that this expansion of their UWS empire doesn’t take on the same naming convention. It can stand on its own.

If I’m going tiki, it better be fun, and this place lives up to the reputation. The food menu is small, mostly fried chicken sandwiches and, of course, some Spam. The drink menu is standard tiki fare like mai tais, but with the fun wintery addition of tiki toddies. Because it was cold and we were sitting outside (with no body warmth because social distancing) I went with one of those steamy sips. I got The Hunt For The Ruby Orchid, which was Sagamore rye, Rocky’s Punch, orange, clove, Demerara, and hibiscus tea. It was a perfect hot cocktail and warmed me right up.

Cocktails are $14-$15, wine is $10, and beer is $4-$7 so you’re not dealing with insane prices like at some of the other [few] tiki themed spots in the city. I feel like themed places like this are usually a stop on a longer bar hopping journey, but with these prices, you won’t be upset if you end up staying a little longer than you originally expected…which is good since bar hopping during covid isn’t really a thing. Mostly, it’s something a little fun and different that might get us to venture to the UWS a bit more often.