Snow! This whole week has revolved around the snow storm that hit NYC. Whether you’re frustrated because you couldn’t get grocery delivery or in awe of the white blanket that covered the sidewalks, snow was all that was happening this week. That’ll all change this weekend when the topic is bound to change to Super Bowl Sunday (in our house, at least).

Monday brought us a real snow day. Schools were cancelled and while we still had to work since everyone is WFH now, it felt special. I woke up on Monday to a winter wonderland. I decided to workout in the afternoon which meant I truly enjoyed the magic of the snow all morning. I dressed in something cozy and played Frozen in the background while I got into the work day. Bravo to my neighbor who built a snow mermaid in our courtyard.

We’ve spent the last couple weekends going on food excursions. It’s necessary to get out of the house, but it’s too cold to walk around for the sake of walking around. There needs to be a destination, perhaps one that requires a car. Lately, those destinations have been restaurants in other neighborhoods. One such food trip took my beau on a roundtrip car ride to Astoria to pick up The Bomb from Sal Kris and Charlies, a $12 sandwich that feeds 4. The Uber cost significantly more than the sandwich, but it was something to do that took up a nice chunk of the day…and since we’re not going out and spending money at bars, this was definitely worth it.

I recently ordered sushi and decided to tack on some sake. It would have been cheaper and almost as easy to go to the wine/liquor store downstairs, but this made it feel more like a restaurant meal, especially when it it comes packaged like this. My outdoor time has decreased significantly since we got into the winter so it’s nice to have little things like this to make the weekend feel special.