Blackened Shrimp Bowls

If you’re looking for a quick meal, THIS IS IT. I did all the prep, cooking, and cleaning in 18 minutes. Yes, I timed it. It’s not just about the ease of it. This bowl has got some Southwestern vibes and resulted in zero leftovers Chez Neudeck.

Start by cooking up chopped asparagus in a bit of olive oil with whatever seasoning you have on hand. I used salt, pepper, and garlic. Meanwhile, prep a can of black beans…and by prep I mean drain and rinse them and put them in a bowl on your buffet line. When the asparagus is done, set aside and use the same pan to cook a pound of shrimp in blackening seasoning and some olive oil. This should take about 4 minutes total so when you start cooking those, put a bag of rice in the microwave because it’ll take the same amount of time. Microwave rice sounds meh, but ya know what? It is exactly two servings, has no cleanup whatsoever, and the frozen Trader Joes version is actually delish so make fun of me if you will, but this was a welcome lifesaver. Serve it all up with some avocado and chipotle mayo (sriracha mayo would work too). I bought this McCormick version and it was good but know that Sir Kensington’s makes some great ones.

We looove doing our weekly bowl night and this was a great new version. And if you’re worried about shrimp feeling too light (shrimp is often a side instead of the main in my house), the black beans pack a lot of protein and heartiness that make this bowl completely satisfying. This meal required so little effort that I wasn’t stressed coming up with something different to mix up our weekly tradition and that’s a huge win.