More snow! We’ve gotten more snow this winter than we have in a while and since I’m not commuting, I absolutely love it. Every few minutes I just glance to the right and feel like I’m in a snow globe. That said, it means I’ve been stuck indoors…a lot. With activity level down and weight gain up, I’m trying to curb the boozin a bit. I love coming up with fun at home date nights/activities, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t struggling to find ideas that aren’t fueled by alcohol. Luckily, the weather is very quickly transitioning from snowy to sunny and things are warming up. I’m hopeful we’ll be seeing springtime soon.

I love my candles, but I also like having decorative matches ready to go. I found these online and they are a perfect combo of form and function.

Everything typically sells out super quickly when Peloton does an apparel sale, but I was able to snag this sports bra for $29 recently. That’s a great price on a sports bra no matter how you cut it so I was pretty excited about this one. Now I can proudly flaunt my love for the pelly while I’m working out. Like I mentioned, activity level has decreased and weight has increased lately so I needed some extra motivation to get myself down tho the gym and I think this might do the trick.

One of my gifts from Santa was an herb garden kit and I’m finally putting it to good use. Unfortunately, my reputation of having a black thumb seems to be holding strong and I’m pretty sure I’ve already ruined these. We’ll find out if they sprout in a week and a half, but I’m not super hopeful. That said, I LOVE the idea and even if I mess it up this go round, I’m excited to try again. I WILL complete my 2021 resolution to become the mama to a plant this year!