Temps are warming up and is this really happening? Are we on our way to spring?! I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I was hoping to enjoy this nicer weather but work has been super busy this week so I’ve been stuck indoors. At least that means the days have been flying by!

I haven’t been able to work out the last couple weeks due to dr’s orders, but I did make sure to get out and walk often to have a change of scenery, if nothing else. A recent walk was later than I would have liked which meant I had to cut it short to make it home in time for supper, but it also meant I got a rare (for me) view of the park at sundown.

I’ve been going to Super Nice every weekend for quite a while now, but if I want some java when they’re closed (they don’t open til 10 on weekends) or I want a more leisurely coffee experience, I head just around the corner to El Barista. This coffee shop is recently under new ownership and everyone is so nice (and the coffee’s good – can’t forget that). I like being able to spread the love a little bit and so happy to live in a neighborhood where there’s several great local coffee shops.

Lunch stock was running low on Tuesday, as was time. I had mere minutes to pull something together and ended up with a pretty legit version of avocado toast. Za’atar bagel, topped with a little light cream cheese, mashed avocado, salt, and crushed red pepper. For not having any meat, it was a surprisingly satisfying meal. Sometimes an unplanned lunch is the best lunch.