Loaded Baked Potato Sausage Rice Bowls + PSA: Seemore Sausages

It all started when I found these Seemore sausages at Whole Foods. They had such unique flavors! I started by picking up two varieties and will definitely be going back to try the other three…more on that in a bit; but first: a recipe. When I spied the loaded baked potato sausage flavor I decided to build a rice bowl around a classic loaded tater. This has it all in a decidedly less starchy fashion.

Get a brown (or wild) rice blend going in the rice cooker. About 15 minutes later, slice up the loaded baked potato sausage flavor and brown in a pan with a bit of oil (< 5 minutes). Note: if you can’t find Seemore’s, use a basic chicken sausage and add 2 slices chopped bacon. Takes more time and makes this less healthy, but it’ll give you the right flavor. At the same time, cook up frozen broccoli florets in the microwave. I’m typically a roasted broccoli fan, but when it comes to loaded baked potatoes, steamed and softened broc really just feels like home. Serve with [light] sour cream, shredded cheese, and chives.

This might be the simplest bowl I’ve ever made, but it’s packed with flavor. Turning a packed potato into a rice bowl modernizes and elevates a retro food court meal. The texture was completely different but the flavor was totally loaded baked potato – a crazy lil sensory moment.

That was the recipe part; here’s the PSA part

This is a brand to watch. There’s a purpose here. Basically, eating as much meat as we do is not really viable, given supply. This is an incredible solution that democratizes meat consumption. The sausages are in no way meatless, but they’re packed with veggies and clean spices to decrease the cals and increase the nutrients. This ratio of 55%-65% meat to 25%-35% veggies means it’s better for your bod (and the planet) but actually increases flavor. (Note: traditional sausages are 95% meat.) It sounds like I’m trying to sell you on a healthier alternative, but I don’t really think that term applies here. You’re not giving anything up. It’s not one of those situations where you’re like “ok I’m going to eat a turkey burger instead of a regular burger – it’s not the same but it’s better for me and still tastes good.” These sausages legit taste better. Ok so beyond that, there are some other cool things to note: The packaging is sustainable, processing is carbon neutral, the branding and other products are fun, and this is a female owned company. I also like the whole story behind the brand so keep your eyes on founder Cara Nicoletti. I don’t need to type it all here – you can go to the site to read all about it and watch a Today Show piece featuring the cutest grandpa ever. You can also find some really great recipes on the site – I’m hoping to work my way through them.