At the risk of jinxing things, it feels like we’re almost hitting the point where the weather is consistently nice. I’m not saying I’m switching out my closets just yet, but I’m thinking there’s hope for that in the near future.

I recently bought a little bud vase for the bathroom and filled it with some of the extra flowers I had leftover after making a bouquet. For a full week this brought some joy to a forgotten space.

With the weather warming up I walked nearly 3 miles between appointments the other day, taking the opportunity to enjoy the scenery on a day off work. There really is at least some beauty to be found in Central Park 365 days out of the year.

Over the weekend my beau had the very bright idea to pick up a sandwich from Sal Kris & Charlies and take it to Socrates Sculpture Park since I mentioned wanting to check it out. It was such a cool space! It’s not a huge park but the artwork is interesting and constantly changing. A very fun Sunday adventure.