Now that it’s springtime, I’m reminding myself how much happier I am when I’m walking around outside. Trying to do as much of that as possible. This is an exciting week: we’re coming off of Easter, the Masters is starting, and today marks 4 years of marriage to my handsome gent! I took today and tomorrow off work and plan to celebrate and enjoy married life.

I’m so happy we were able to head to Connecticut for Easter. Not everyone was vaccinated, but the weather was gorgeous so we were able to be outdoors the entire time. I love watching kids run around on an Easter egg hunt and also love that we got to see family after such a long time distancing. We came back home to enjoy an Easter supper on our own since we had to return the car, but I tried to make it special by ordering all new tableware for the occasion. [I know I know I should have ironed the tablecloth. I’m sorry Mommmmm.]

I went on my first run outside since Thanksgiving Day. I’ve actually been loving my guided Peloton treadmill runs, but it was so refreshing to be outside for a bit. And the cherry blossoms are in bloom! Summer will always be my favorite season, but spring ain’t so bad.

I agree with Ted Lasso that tea is pretty much garbage water, but I’ve been drinking it more and more (always with an ample spoonful of honey). I’m trying to drink more water and it’s a struggle. Hot tea helps get that last cup in and I have to admit there’s something nice and soothing about sipping something warm at night, especially when curled up with a book.