PSA: Emmy Squared Pizza Class via Goldbelly

One of my favorite spots is Emily/Emmy Squared. There’s a location not too far from us, but during the panny I haven’t been doing too much restauranting. My beau has had to listen to me talk about how much I miss Emmy Squared for months (poor him). That’s why he really knocked it out of the park with his anniversary gift this year, which was a pizza making class with Emily Hyland herself.

On Wednesday, we received a box from Goldbelly with everything we’d need – perfectly portioned out – along with instructions. Friday rolled around and we hopped on a Zoom with some other eager chefs and started the party. And there was a specialty cocktail involved so it was, indeed, a party. The cherry sour cocktail was absolutely delicious and effervescent. I’ve had egg whites in cocktails before but never done it myself. Happy to now be able to add this to my skill set and say I can add some fancy foam to a drink next time you come for a cocktail chez Neudeck. Also, the cherry blossoms are currently thriving in the park so this cocktail seemed very seasonally appropriate. HOT TIP: While we went all in with the cocktail, using the bourbon and egg white, they made sure to note that it would work great to eliminate those two items and still enjoy a refreshing mocktail. Kudos to them for choosing a drink that works for anyone.

After the mixology sesh, we moved into pizza territory. Emmy Squared specializes in Detroit style pizza and I loved learning how to make this particular variety, along with a bit of history.

If you know anything about Emily/Emmy Squared, you know these restos specialize in pizza but randomly have a bangin burger. That’s why I was thrilled to learn the pizza we’d be making was an Emmy burger pizza. Literally the best of both worlds.

Of course, when all the ingredients are portioned out for you it’s nice and easy, but I can still see how this wouldn’t be too hard to replicate. Perhaps my caramelized onions wouldn’t be quite the same, but I guarantee it would still be delicious. Most importantly we learned how to make a border of cheese that climbs up the side of the pan. It’s this cheese fence that turns into a frico crust and makes Detroit style pizza so so good. That cheese crust. Be still my heart.

The adorable little portioned packages

This type of pizza requires a special pan (with special care rules) that I now have in my possession. And since we ended the class by making a fresh batch of dough for the freezer, I now know how to recreate this meal in the future and have all the equipment to do so. I’m going to have to experiment with toppings – so many possibilities.

Ok so pizza is always good and I’ve now told you how this at-home version is just as tasty, but I should also note that the experience was great as well. Emily really engaged with the group and we ended with a delicious product – what more could you ask for?! Emily/Emmy Squared has expanded quite a bit in recent years, but in my experience (as someone who’s tried several NYC locations) the quality hasn’t suffered. And based on the fact that our pizza miraculously tasted as good as the pizza I get at their restaurant, they’ve mastered expansion without giving on quality. It may be easier than ever to get this pizza (Emmy Squared is now in Nashville, Louisville, DC, Atlanta, and Philly), but that’s still a lot of the country uncovered. Lucky for you, you can now treat yourself to this deliciousness through Goldbelly.