The weather this week has been on and off, but when it’s on, it’s gorgeous! And since it stays light much longer nowadays, I’ve been able to clock out at 5:30 and go on a nice loooong walk around the neighborhood. And the best part? No jacket necessary. For the last two days I just walked and walked and listened to podcasts. It was glorious.

It’s not officially spring until the tulips pop up on Park Ave. Guess that means it’s spring!

Last weekend, Albert played golf with Shawn while Kathleen, Grace, and I hung out in their backyard. It’s honestly been a long time since I’ve socialized and the moment I saw Kat I realized how much I missed my friends!

Just a quick pic from one of those neighborhood walks. Fresh air is so necessary but I avoid it when it’s cold. Now that it’s warm out, I’m making actual plans to get outside even if there’s no destination.