Gifting: Decoded – 4th Wedding Anniversary

Another COVID anniversary – yippee. We’re still distancing and masking up, but luckily the quarantine restrictions have eased a bit compared to our last anniversary, which was in the thick of the

The traditional 4th anniversary gift is fruit or flowers…which isn’t the easiest, particularly when you’re talking “for him.” So many of the good/fun gifts in this category are sets of jams or pies or those roses that last a year. None of those things would be enjoyed by my husband. I decided to do a two-parter: one fruit gift and one flower gift.

My beau loves pineapple so I decided to have a pink pineapple delivered. I found a pair of the exotic fruit on Goldbelly and arranged for them to be delivered on our anniversary. They arrived with the crowns cut off (which bummed me out a bit, TBH) but were every bit as pink as advertised – very cool. Albert likes to just snack on pineapple after supper every night so we just cut it up into chunks but my mind was reeling with ideas for cocktails.

The second gift – the flower half – was more of an adventure. I got us tickets to The Cloisters, an outpost of The Met up in Washington Heights that has some beautiful gardens. I’m always more into experiences for our anniversary so this felt special to me. Back in the Middle Ages, cloisters were little gardens of tranquility where you could go and reflect. This location of The Met has built a museum, dedicated to Medieval art and artifacts, around several such cloisters.

Of all the flowers we saw, I took zero pics. Womp womp.
Some other ideas…
  • Cocktail Tree – Not just a fruit tree, a cocktail tree bears multiple fruits at once (eg: lemons and limes). This was my original plan but, at the time I wanted to order, it was still considered too cold to ship to NYC.
  • Product by a brand named for a fruit or flower
    • Four Roses bourbon – I would gift this with some fruit you’d use to make a cocktail + a mixology class
    • Apple products – get your man some new airpods or an Apple Home
  • Wine is made from fruit so gift a tasting class – many can be done virtually, including a local fave, Corkbuzz.
  • Another alcohol-based gift: This limoncello kit
  • Anything with a fruit or floral pattern:
  • If you’ve got any events coming up, a lapel flower (that lasts forever) is nice. You could always pair with a tie that has a fruit motif like this or dress socks like these.