PSA: The Corner Bookstore

After passing it in cabs on my way home for years, I finally made a point to go to The Corner Bookstore. It’s small and can best be described as quaint. They only have one or two copies of each book, but the selection is inspired. And what they don’t have, they are happy to order for you and will call when it’s ready.

From the outside, this looks just like the Shop Around the Corner from You’ve Got Mail (swoon). And other than it being much too small to carve out areas for story time, the inside gives off similar vibes too – just peep the gorgeous woodwork and old cash register.

I’ve long believed a fondness for reading (nurtured from a very young age) can solve all sorts of problems. The Corner Bookstore seems to be of the same mind. I could immediately tell they took great care in selecting the titles in the children’s section. Love to see it! Further digging let me know they offer special store accounts for children and developed a program to get advanced copies in the hands of kids for review. Where was this when I was a child?! I don’t have kids, but this just made me want to birth some and raise them in this neighborhood.

This book store is positively CHARMING. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover it. Highly recommend for any UES bibliophiles.