I feel like April just started but it’s about to end. At a work trivia event on Friday, I answered that something happened in February because “it only occurred about a month ago and it was March 23rd”…I was right that the event only occurred a month ago, but it was currently April 23rd. Yikes. I feel like half of this month just faded into the ether. I’m not going to let that happen moving forward, especially since it looks like blue skies ahead!

Since I’m rarely in lower Manhattan these days, I took the opportunity after a recent haircut to stroll Chinatown. I love living uptown, but downtown certainly has its charms.

I love this corner at 93rd and Madison. The building covered with ivy is gorgeous and there’s a lovely small book shop directly across the street. It looks idylic.

I am fully vaccinated! WOOHOOOOO! Aside from a barely there sore arm, I didn’t really have any side effects. Now all I can think about it [safely] planning a vacation!