PSA: Kitchen Arts & Letters

Ummm this is a bookstore devoted entirely to cookbooks/books about food. So…it’s heaven. When it comes to great cookbook stores, downtown has Bonnie Slotnik but uptown’s got Kitchen Arts & Letters. This is THE place for any sort of cookbook you might want – no matter what you’re planning on cooking.

It’s a small storefront, but they have everything you could possibly want, divided by cuisine and cooking method. There are cookbooks solely for hummus or tacos; there are cookbooks based on various regions of the US; there are cookbooks for bakers and cake-fearful alike. There are also hard-to-find books. This place carries plenty of out of print cookbooks and if they don’t have something, they’ll do their best to find it.

If there’s a new cookbook out, they’ve got it. I was deciding between Jake Cohen’s Jew-ish and Molly Baz’s Cook This Book because both had just been released to great reviews. Ultimately, I went with Jew-ish but will likely be going back very soon for the other.

All the amazing NYC bookstores (The Strand, McNally Jackson, Three Lives) have a very nice selection of cookbooks, but it’s not the same. Those stores carry the Top 40 of cookbooks; this store carries alllll the cookbooks. If there’s something you want and you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist.