I can’t believe we’re heading into Memorial Day Weekend. After what must officially be the longest winter in history, we now seem to be racing through the calendar. We have a few fun plans for the long weekend, but the weather doesn’t look great so I’m just going to sit here with my fingers crossed.

Sure, I planned to go on a long walk on Sunday…but I was thinking three miles, not the five miles I ended up walking. I wish I had worn better shoes since my feet are now covered with blisters, but I’m so happy I enjoyed such a wonderful few hours outside. Most of the walk was spent in Central Park, including the iconic Bow Bridge.

I’m so proud of myself for regularly eating breakfast. For 35 years I’ve heard it’s the most important meal and I’m actually starting to listen.

I saw a friend! Between being covie careful and most of my friends leaving the city, I haven’t had a lot of friends to hang out with lately. That’s why it was so great seeing Jourdan for a truly classic meal at The Odeon. Our dinner was outdoors and right after hearing of Jewish people being attacked (some while dining outside) amid rising tension in the Middle East and I have to admit I was on edge. I haven’t felt scared like this in quite a while and it was nice to enjoy a meal with someone who gets it.