Cucumber Radish Salad

You’re probably planning some sort of park day for Memorial Day Weekend. I used this recipe but didn’t exactly follow measurements because I was just making enough for two people. Set aside five minutes before you head out to your picnic because that’s how long it’ll take to make this.

Thinly slice cucumber, radishes, and scallion. Add plenty of chopped chives, toss in some dill (I used dried). Finally, dress with plain Greek yogurt, salt and pepper. To finish, sprinkle some maldon salt on the top. That maldon salt wasn’t in the recipe but made for a lovely little addition, especially since my maldon salt is smoked. The amount of cucumber and radishes will determine how much of all the other ingredients you use and since you’re slicing them thin, you’d be surprised how little you’ll actually need.

This salad is cool and refreshing. We ate it after our first 90 degree day in NYC and it just felt right.