Roasted Broccoli & Mushroom Farro Bowls

This bowl is veggie heavy but it’s super easy to add protein. In fact, from the grain to the crunchies, there were enough options in the original recipe to “make it your way” that it’s just super adaptable. I ended up changing a lot, but the core idea came from my friends at the NY Times.

Start by roasting chopped broccoli florets and portobello mushrooms. I seasoned mine with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a bit of caraway seeds (caraway seeds aren’t necessary – but I had em in the cabinet and thought why not?!). My pieces were small so 20 minutes at 385 did the trick. NOTE: chopping up some of the broccoli stem is actually really nice here. When the veggies go in the oven, start cooking some farro (quick cooking kind takes less than 15 minutes). While everything cooks, make a lemony buttermilk dressing. Fresh herbs are best here, but use whatever you have. I did equal parts buttermilk and sour cream, a few squeezes of mayo, fresh chives, juice of a lemon, and basil. When there’s about 5 minutes left, I microwaved and sliced some of Trader Joe’s lemon pepper chicken (the pre-grilled stuff that’s located by the deli meat). Yes, that’s some major help from the store but the flavor is on point, it satisfies my beau who won’t eat a meal without meat, and prep/cleanup is basically nonexistent. Set out some crunchy toppings – I used fried jalapeƱo bits and pine nuts – and when you’re about 5 minutes away from sitting down, fry up some eggs.

So there was a lot of adapting in my version, most notably how I served the egg (fried rather than omelette strips) but it felt right. And the beauty of bowl night is doing your own thing – a lil mixy matchy. The next day I ditched the egg, switched up the crunchy, added avocado, and sprinkled on some hot sauce. So many possibilities with this one!