Chimichurri Steak Bowls

I rarely use steak for bowl night because chicken always seems easiest, but that’s just hogwash and this recipe proves it. I’ve never made chimichurri before but the garlicy herbaceous sauce is super simple and packs TONS of flavor. So much flavor, in fact, that I think it’s best to use it as a marinade rather than as a sauce drizzled over the bowl. But don’t worry, there’s a sauce too.

Start by making a basic chimichurri. You’ll find tons of recipes online, but I went with the one that seemed the easiest and with few ingredients because I was just lookin for a quick weeknight meal, ya know? Throw two gloves of minced garlic, one chopped shallot, a large handful each of parsley and cilantro, some red pepper flakes, and salt in a food processor. Add olive oil as you pulse until it reaches desired consistency. Update ingredients (more parsley, perhaps? lemon for brightness?) as you go, rather than using measurements. Slather the chimichurri all over both sides of a flank steak and broil. For flank steak, I usually use the rule of thumb 4-5 minutes per inch per side. This time, I was worried about setting off the smoke alarm so I broiled on low instead of high and did 5 minutes, [flip] 5 minutes, [flip] 5 minutes, [flip] 2 minutes. It came out perfect. I let it rest for a few minutes before cutting it into cubes. When you put the steak under the broiler, press go on your quinoa. This is also the time to start prepping your fixins. Roasted potatoes are great, but rather than roast them myself, I used frozen roasted potatoes from Trader Joe’s that warmed up beautifully in the microwave (just follow the package directions). For other toppings, I used arugula, chopped grape tomatoes, avocado, and Trader Joe’s cilantro dressing (ranch would also work really well if you don’t have a TJ’s).

Did anyone notice this bowl has no cheese?! I know, I’m shocked too. I didn’t even miss it. The steak has so much flavor that it really carries the dish. I put quite a bit of salt in my chimichurri so the arugula offered a nice peppery balance. Potatoes and avocado round out the texture. This meal came together better than I imagined and made me want to do a lil tango.