PSA: Tom’s Granola

Eva Chen has long been a favorite follow, ever since her days as a magazine editor (back when I, too, worked in magazines, albeit on the advertising side). I’ve followed her career as she became Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram and a children’s book author. She is living my dream and I admire the heck out of her. I’ve also always liked how she presents herself on social media, sharing her personal life while also keeping things private. This Insta-stalking is how I became equally obsessed with her family life and Tom’s Granola.

For ages, Chen has spoken of her husband’s ultra discerning granola tastes. We watched on Insta Stories as he tried brand after brand to find the best one. Eventually, she encouraged him to simply make it himself and it turned into quite the enterprise with quite the waitlist. Each month’s flavor is unique, never to be made again. Included with each batch is a comment card (for judgements on flavor, texture, etc.) that Tom Bannister, granola maker extraordinaire, truly takes to heart as he cooks up each oat iteration. The moment I found myself off the waitlist I jumped at the opportunity to purchase a package.

$20 seems absurd for a bag of granola. I scoff at the $10 bags at the grocery store so I’m shocked I even put this in my cart. But I have to admit this is probably the best granola I’ve ever tasted. There’s coconut, almond, dried papaya, dried pineapple, rum extract, and [I think it’s the] cinnamon for some je ne sais quoi. It’s not too sweet and just crunchy enough. I’m obsessed and can’t wait for next month’s flavor. I know this is a side project for Tom, but I truly believe this could be the next big thing in granola…which is an outrageous statement that I can’t believe I care enough about to type.