I’m so close to seeing my family that I almost can’t take it! I can’t wait for some much needed time on the beach and pool. I’m very very ready to see my parents, brother/sister in law, La La, and the world’s greatest nephews. I’m also pumped because I’ll get the chance to see some of my friends who I haven’t seen in YEARS (plural) thanks, largely, to the pandemic. This visit is way overdue.

I can’t believe I got to be there for Grace’s first visit to Central Park! It was an overcast day, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying some time outside. It did mean that I kept it super casual with glasses, sweats, and of course my all-time fave park food, fried chicken.

I didn’t wear just any glasses to the park, I wore my brand new glasses! My glasses were looking tired so I recently walked straight from an eye doctor appointment into Warby Parker, where I bought two new pairs. I’m not so ashamed to be seen in my specs anymore!

Mr. Softee who? The coco helado cart is my personal fave and this mango treat was only about $1.50 and the most refreshing ever. It was the perfect end to a perfect park day. IYKYK.