PSA: Carolina Cherry Company

Carolina Cherry Company aka Carolina Cider Company is possibly the best roadside stand you’ll come across. We managed to make it just 10 minutes before closing on our way back to Savannah from Charleston. Since they were shutting down for the day there were no pies or coffee to be had, but it was still a very worthwhile stop because we stocked up on packaged goods.

First of all, it’s real cute. The coffee sign was callin my name. It’s a shame the coffee part (Clockwise Coffee) was closed for the day because it looks like they serve Counter Culture coffee yummmm. With all the lush greenery around the entrance, it’s like a farmy oasis in the middle of the asphalt highway. And I love the vintage touches like the old gas pump and typewriter.

When it comes to products, there’s the [as advertised] coffee and pies, but there are tons and tons of packaged goods. There are savory items like soup mix, relish/pickles, nuts, rice/grits, and hot sauce. There are also sweet items like syrups, ciders, jams, and shrubs.

We picked up a couple bags of chips, some horseradish seafood dip (kinda like a white cocktail sauce), and blueberry jalapeƱo jam. Everything was tasty, but that jam was extra good with just the right amount of kick at the very end. I ate it on a toasted English muffin with a bit of light cream cheese, but I think it would be incredible with some brie.

This place is a true haven on the GA/SC drive. It’s only about 2 hours from Savannah to Charleston so I know you don’t neeeed a pit stop; but trust me, you’ll want one.