Hilton Head Social Bakery

When it comes to marinas, Shelter Cove is a pretty good one. It’s beautifully maintained and has plenty of shops and dining. And boats, duh. I mention the boats because they’re the reason my fam discovered Hilton Head Social Bakery. Here’s the thing about boys: they must be entertained and able to run around at. all. times. After they exhausted the beach and the pool, it was decided that Brooks and Reed needed to expel some energy by running up and down the docks and scoping out the fancy boats. Boom – instant activity.

It was on one such excursion that they noticed Hilton Head Social Bakery, a spot specializing in homemade French pastries that rival many a bakery in NYC. They have both sweet and savory treats, including many I recall from France but rarely see here (including the French hot dog, fougasse, and some smart fruit combos on the tarts). There are also a few modern/local takes on French pastry, like the key lime brulee.

In addition to some iced lattes (with oat milk oo la la) we got a nice little assortment. We tried a mango peach tart that convinced me to try and make some sort of pie with this unique fruit pairing and a chocolate pistachio croissant that was incredible…and didn’t make the photo. What did make the photo was a chocolate and pistachio cream brioche that they were kind enough to offer on the house when they gave it to us by accident instead of the croissant we originally ordered. This was one decadent piece of bread. Wow. My fave was probably the croissant, but everything was wonderful and I’ve definitely got my eyes on several other items in the case. Ice cream is the official sweet treat of Hilton Head, but don’t overlook this spot when you’re ready for something different.