Book Review: The Language of Flowers

After hearing it take the book club world by storm years ago, I should have known it would be a good read. Note: this one is for fans of The Storied Life of AJ Fikry. While it doesn’t share the bookworm theme of that novel, the protagonists are both romantics at heart. In the case of The Language of Flowers, Victoria admires [and is fiercely loyal to] the romantic meaning of plants. With each flower, you send a message, whether it be jonquil for desire or yellow roses for infidelity, each bud carries the weight of meaning for its recipient. After a childhood bouncing around foster homes, Victoria is 18 and completely on her own. She’s living on the streets until she realizes she can parlay her love of flowers into a job. With something to live for, she’s forced to confront her past – and the one foster home that could have been more – while being terrified of letting anyone get too close.

I enjoyed the redemption arc for Victoria and how she slowly realizes she’s worthy; however, I found her a bit annoying at times. While some of her actions were understandable – she’s damaged, after all – some felt a bit…stupid. She ignores a leg up without the excuse of drugs or anything to explain why she would look a gift horse in the mouth. And while her romantic relationship with Grant was expected, it didn’t feel believable. Otherwise, I found it beautiful to see unconditional love in action. Victoria and the ragtag clan she assembles show how family, career path, and home don’t need to be perfect; they just need to be perfect for you.

4.25 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Lavender tea