Lemon Basil Feta Rice

The original plan for supper one night while in Savannah was a Greek style grilled chicken…but then the weather turned and we didn’t want to go outside to cook anything. We had already planned a take on this recipe for the side dish so I still made that since it didn’t require me getting rained on. Everyone absolutely LOVED it. So much so that I made it again the next week when we got back to NYC.

It’s simple and really doesn’t need any sort of recipe – just go with your gut. Cook up some rice (truly any kind will do – microwave is extra easy) and when it’s done, fluff it up with lemon zest, crumbled feta, torn basil, and salt & pepper. It goes great with pork tenderloin, simple baked/grilled chicken, salmon or swordfish….honestly it goes well with pretty much anything.