My Mom arrives tomorrow night! It made leaving Savannah much easier knowing I’d be seeing her less than two weeks later. It’s going to be a very quick visit and mostly business as she helps us do some much needed work on the apartment. But a short visit is better than no visit! And of course we’ll squeeze in some fun and good food. We’re not heathens.

Saturday turned into quite a jazz-filled day! I had read about Great Jazz on the Great Hill so we planned to stop there in the afternoon. While it would have been better if we planned for a full-on picnic, it was still so nice laying in the grass, enjoying good music. Saturday night, my beau had a hankering for Greek food and a little happy hour action at Astoria Bier and Cheese so we planned a little date night. True, practically every weekend is date night when you don’t regularly see many friends (due to the pandemic or people moving away), but this felt like a real date night – one with plans and a bit of dressing up. It felt even more special when we sat down for our beer flight and cheese plate and another jazz concert was starting. We didn’t plan this one, but it was just as fun.

Sunday was spent wandering the East Village, with stops at Veselka, The Strand, and Good Beer. But one of the best stops was to Veniero’s – a classic Italian pastry shop – which I went to only because I needed to use the restroom but was not at all upset to walk out with a sweet treat. I took my mini tarte to Tompkins Square Park and enjoyed while doing some fab people watching.

I very rarely get to see Greg since he moved across the country and even more rarely when the pandemic cancelled our normal get-togethers like Thanksgiving. That’s why when he texted that he’d be in NYC for work I said I would be completely flexible around his schedule. Luckily he was able to break away for lunch and I got to get a long overdue hug.