Still on a high from my Mom’s visit. It was a very quick one and was mostly errands, but we got a lot accomplished. We also managed to eat a ton of good food and I somehow crossed not one but two restaurants off my list. Tonight I’ve got a happy hour on the books and we’re planning to be in CT with fam on Sunday. Otherwise I’m thinking this weekend will be all about soaking up the last bits of summer.

Last week we attempted a mid-week date night. There was an outdoor movie screening of You’ve Got Mail on a pier. It was free as long as you reserved the tickets. The pier happened to be on the UWS, where all of the movie takes place so we picked up and extra fun meal and made our way through some of the iconic movie streets on the way to the film. Everything seemed perfect…until the show was starting and a storm started to roll in. The screening was cancelled and we had to pack up our food and head home. We made the best of it by screening the film in our living room with a nice stash of movie candy so I’d say it was still a successful evening.

The latest exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York is all about puppets. It’s a small exhibit but an interesting one that shows the influence of puppetry on the city over the last century. My parents are who got us our membership to the museum so it was nice to be able to show my Mom what their generosity got us.

This Taco Tuesday I tested out a ceviche-ish salad and didn’t realize til just before supper that there were no tortilla chips – recommended for the recipe – in the house. I did, however, have extra corn tortillas so I sliced them up, brushed them with oil, and stuck them in the oven for some homemade tortilla chips. Zero effort, big payoff. Tostitos who?