Dado’s Pizza

There’s a new NY style slice shop in the neighborhood and I didn’t even discover it by walking by (as you would normally discover your local pizza place). Nope, I found Dado’s Pizza on Instagram. A Harlem based account I follow mentioned their opening and a quick lil cross-search led me to pics of their pizzas, which looked gooooood. I knew it would be ideal for a Friday movie night.

It’s a simple place that’s made for takeout/delivery, but since it’s new, the subway tiles are nice and bright and the place is lookin fresh. It’s small (it used to be a bodega) so there are just a few tables and the rest is devoted to takeout, as traditional NYC pizza places often are. The menu is simple: basic pizza. There are only 6 varieties + caesar salad on the menu so I’m guessing they’re dedicated to getting them right. If you order delivery it’s just whole pizzas, but you can go into the shop and get by the slice.

I started with a caesar and it was GOOD. The lettuce was legit. This is no salad in a bag situation. I also got a large pizza: half vodka, half pepperoni. The vodka was simple but delicious and was truly the vodka sauce you’d want on your pasta. Most vodka pizzas are just normal pizza with some meh penne vodka thrown on top. This was truly replacing the sauce with high quality vodka sauce, adding fresh mozz, and sprinkling with fresh basil. I bet this would be good with a little sausage on top hmmm. The pepperoni half was also great, especially if you’re a fan of ‘roni cups. Bottom line: it was all delicious, thanks in large part to the crust which was close to perfect.