ROOT Juicery

Juice/smoothie bars are all the rage. I get it – it’s cool to be healthy. Normally, it’s more up my beau’s alley than mine, but on a recent scorcher of a Sunday I needed my thirst quenched and a pressed juice seemed like just the ticket. Enter: ROOT Juicery. This very green oasis has juices, smoothies, a├žai bowls, and salads. Those are all great things to tote with you to Central Park, which happens to be just a few blocks away.

I admit, I was drawn to the very Instagrammable living wall…but I stayed for the juice. I got the Tropical (pineapple, apple, cucumber, and mint). It was so incredibly refreshing. I probably guzzled my entire bottle in under a minute.

My only critique is that two of the juices on the menu are virtually identical. The one I got is exactly the same as the Pineapple Breeze – the only difference is the addition of lemon in that one. It seems like they would want to create a totally different option here. The juices are made to order, which means they’re FRESH, but it also means it’s not the quickest experience. Hopefully they stock pre-made versions during peak hours. Still, it’s nice to have an option like this around, especially for the health nuts.