Book Review: Not A Happy Family

I love a Shari Lapena thriller. In her latest, we’re introduced to the Mertons, an extremely wealthy family living in the New York suburbs. They’re not a loving family and their Easter dinner erupts into an argument where everyone leaves abruptly and bitterly. Fred, the father, has high expectations and a mean streak aimed at anyone who dares not meet them. His wife, Sheila, is a doormat. After the dinner, they will both be dead and suspicion falls on the three children, none of whom particularly liked their parents and all of whom stand to inherit a large sum in the event of their death.

Much like the last Lapena novel I read, An Unwanted Guest, this one reads like an Agatha Christie novel. I’m sorry to say I thought I had figured out who the murderer was but my guess was wrong…when it comes to thrillers, though, an author’s ability to surprise you in the end is always a good thing. It’s not a groundbreaking novel, but it’s a fun, quick read.

3.75 out of 4 stars.

Pair with: Gin and tonic with a squeeze of lime