Boutique Bistro

We went to Astoria for Greek food but both our first and second choices (Taverna Kyclades and Hamido Seafood) were packed. We didn’t want to wait over an hour for a table and even the outdoor seating looked like a COVID nightmare. We decided to go right next door to Boutique Bistro instead. The food is totally different from our original plan, but turned into a happy find.

The velvet chairs at every table were very welcoming. I sunk right in. It was relatively empty compared to the other restaurants on Ditmars Blvd., but it’s not because it’s a bad choice. The food is quite solid and the vibe is chill…maybe it’s time this place landed on the radar.

As the “bistro” name would imply, this is a French restaurant, but the cuisine skews French Mediterranean. We started with a caprese salad and stuffed grape leaves. The pesto in the caprese stack took it from ok to good and the yogurt with the grape leaves was a nice accompaniment. My beau got the Greek salad and the steak and enjoyed both…he just didn’t expect such large portions. We definitely took a lot home. I ordered the seafood fettuccine and really enjoyed. It was packed with seafood, including chunks of tender octopus that made this better than your average seafood pasta. I’ll take better than average any day.

If you live in a different borough, I wouldn’t necessarily travel to Astoria for this spot (I would travel there for Greek food). If, however, you happen to already be in the Royal Borough, this is a good place – and those velvet chairs feel very date night appropriate, FYI.