What an incredible long weekend! Plans may not have come together until the week-of, but then all of a sudden there was something fun every single day. First there was dinner with a friend Thursday night; then there was Shakespeare in the Park on Friday; then we spent all afternoon in Brooklyn on a bar crawl before watching the UGA game; Sunday was a Yankees game with friends; and finally Monday was a long walk and Trader Joe’s run.

I planned to test a new recipe on Thursday, but when I realized Albie had plans, I decided to call up Jourdan. It seemed silly not to take advantage of the free time and the ability to be spontaneous (not to mention the gorgeous weather). We met at Pasquale Jones, which was perfect, as always. I also really loved their outdoor setup. The lemon trees took me right back to the Amalfi Coast.

I can officially cross an item off my bucket list! I have wanted to attend Shakespeare in the Park since I moved to New York – that’s 14 years – and always planned to use a Summer Friday to stand in the crazy long line…but never actually did. This year, with COVID, they turned the line into a digital lottery, which Albie entered and won, making my dreams come true. This year’s production was particularly interesting since they took the “Merry Wives of Windsor” and turned it into, simply, “Merry Wives,” a modern version (with Shakespeare’s original language) with an all-Black cast, taking place in Harlem. I thought it was incredibly well done, funny, and a joy to watch.

I’m always upset when friends leave the city and head to the ‘burbs…but it turns out Gaines’ new place in Sleepy Hollow will take the same amount of time to get to (maybe less) as his place in Brooklyn. Still, we had to make sure he went out with a bang and one final bar crawl. What started in 2011 with a small crew (I joined in 2013) has turned into an annual event I always look forward to. This year’s group was tiny compared to years past, but it was still a perfect celebration.