Finally made it to Rubirosa and it did not disappoint. After a light brunch, we needed a midday snack and this classic Italian spot was within walking distance. Since it was a random time of day (3 pm on a summer Sunday), we were able to squeeze in without a reservation, but normally you’ll need one of those. It was actually the ideal place to get a snack because the super thin pizza isn’t overly filling.

I’ll keep this review simple: get the tie dye pizza. It’s what they’re known for and it lives up to the hype. It’s vodka sauce, tomato sauce, pesto, and fresh mozzarella. Just look at it. All groovy. We took it up a notch by adding sausage because even as a snack, my man needed some protein. I have to say the meat worked well with the rest of the pizza – didn’t detract from its perfection.

It was taking an oddly long time but we were chilling with no place to be so we didn’t push it, but the waitress eventually swung by to tell us that they dropped our pizza on the floor and were making us a new one. They offered some arancini on the house to make up for the wait and it became the most pleasant mistake because I never would have ordered them off the menu myself but thought they were quite good. The fried layer was very crispy but not so thick that you’re anxious to get to the creamy risotto inside. And that risotto was, indeed, creamy (and cheesy).

The restaurant feels like a country home, which fits the simple comfort food you’re eating. It’s no fuss, but it’s perfectly composed. Rubirosa has officially made my list of top NYC pizza spots.